The Artisan Series: Jack

After a while of mentorship from his cousin, he felt he had gained enough skill and experience to venture out on his own. This is how Ndoh creations came to be. Here, Jack crafts unique jewellery applying intricate details on his pieces. He uses a range of materials in his creations. They include; brass, aluminium, bone and various beads (glass and masaai). Since his business, he has been able to raise a family. His oldest son just began his secondary school education.


To Jack, imitation is limitation. He believes strongly in originality when producing. He works with 3 women, who he has employed on permanent terms. Ndoh’s clientele has experienced rapid growth since its establishment ten years ago. Besides individuals and BawaHope, Jack supplies to organizations in the United States and Canada.


He enjoys working with BawaHope. “They are very supportive, encouraging and they appreciate my art for what it is. They also understand quality and the value of creating art”, he says. BawaHope is determined to see Ndoh creations grow from what it is now, and are grateful to Jack for believing in BawaHope.



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