The Artisan Series: Anthony & Benta

Melting glass and moulding it into various shapes and sizes got Anthony exploring other options of what he can melt and mould. Well, that’s how he settled on brass and aluminium and he has never been happier. All the while behind the scenes, his very supportive wife Benta also had a vision for Anthony’s start up business. She could now realize her dream to revolutionize the kind of jewellery women wore. Gold coated jewellery did not sit well with her, and she was determined to change that.


For starters, they produced finger rings just to test how they would be received by their target market. Fortunately enough, it was all good reaction. This encouraged them to produce a wider variety of brass and aluminium products. Today, they have numerous of products being produced in their workshop.


Anthony and Benta


In the business, they have employed about 7 people, and among them 2 are women. On the much busier days however, to increase capacity, they would outsource manpower. To the couple, creating employment is as important as providing parental love and care for orphans. So far, they take care of 3 orphaned children- 2 of them in high school and 1 in primary school. Having grown up an orphan, Benta understood how difficult it must be to not have parental guidance as a child. She and her husband have a heart for orphans and so they are committed in seeing that they turn out to be responsible adults.


Alongside their adopted children, they have 7 children together, who wholly depend on them. The Oldest is 23 years old, and he is in the business with them. The youngest is 7 and they just started primary school.


Evidently, Benta and Anthony have a lot on their plate and they gracefully and happily ensure that every child under their care is well cared for.

Friends of the couple from America were eager to partner with them on hearing their very touching story. As a result, Benta and Anthony were taught fundamentals of business including general presentation of their brand, and how to structure themselves.


Besides BawaHope, they have 3 major clients to whom they are truly grateful. To Benta and Anthony, their business is everything. Anthony and Benta’s relationship with BawaHope started not so long ago, but it gets stronger every day.


As BawaHope, we are proud to be associated with this very noble business.

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