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Tenacity, Resilience, and grace. These are just some of the words which best describe this group of women living in Nairobi’s Kibra slum. Like other women around them, they must worry about where the next meal will come from, how they can catch up with last term’s school fees, and how long the family can afford a roof over their heads.

It wasn’t always like this for them and if their determination is anything to go by, it won’t always be.

A few years ago, these women were working for an NGO that sought markets in Europe for their custom handmade beadwork which includes; necklaces, bracelets, earrings and more. The NGO secured regular orders, commissioned the women to make products at an agreed cost and sold them on in Europe. Business was good and they were put on monthly salaries. However, the NGO pulled the plug and this meant an end to regular income for each of the women and their families.

Today, the women are forced to individually sell whatever products they can make on the streets. They live in and serve a low-income market and are forced to sell pieces for as little as twenty shillings (USD 20 cents). These meagre earnings, which are supposed to somehow feed the family, pay school fees and pay rent, are also what must be used to buy raw material for their products. The women, some of whom are living with HIV, are finding it harder and harder to make ends meet.

But hard work has been known to pay off. Recently, Bawa Hope heard about their plight and was inspired by the women’s collective strength of character and their will power to trudge on. With no orders yet, Bawa Hope has sought to engage the women in product development, in hopes of finding a suitable market for them.

Though disappointed with the past, these women are willing to work. They have amazing talent. The only thing they lack is a market. So, inspired by their resolve, Bawa Hope has decided to engage them by telling their story and appealing to you during these difficult times.

All you need to do is Purchase their products. Support the women with a kind word or a business tip. Donate or Contribute towards raw materials or help in any other way you can.

These industrious women will honour you by making, with their own hands, excellence out of your kindness

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