Our primary object at Bawa Trust is to promote, facilitate and assist in the development of income generation projects for the alleviation of poverty among marginalised sections of the society in Kenya and elsewhere.


These include facilitation of improved business sustainability and profitability through capacity development and market access initiatives that will lead to an increase in household incomes of target groups resulting into improved livelihoods.


We conduct trainings in the less privileged areas in Kenya in the areas of; production, product development and marketing and promote the practice of fair trading by organizations towards the common goal of raising economic self reliance as a strategy of wealth creation and poverty alleviation.


We further promote, facilitate and assist in marketing of fair traded products in local, regional and international markets with the aim of increasing the market share of Kenyan fair-traded products, establishing common codes of practice to protect Kenyan fair-traded products from the possible unfair practices of buyers and suppliers.

We believe in the improvement of the livelihoods of marginalized youth and women by creating opportunities through development of sustainable handcraft enterprises and further promote, facilitate and assist in the equipping of marginalised people in Kenya and elsewhere through our mentorship programmes, workshops, lectures, round table discussions and related forums.


At Bawa Trust we promote, encourage, undertake, organise and support local, national and international events including sponsoring activities, studies, undertakings, promotions and implementation of programme activities of that fall within our mandate and objects.


For publicity and coverage, we are assisting in the establishment of newsletters, brochures, periodicals, websites, books and other publications for the promotion of our mandate.


Last but not least, we raise, mobilize and disburse funds and other resources from all acceptable sources and have an endowment fund to secure the cause and sustainability of the Fund.