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About Us

BawaHope is a Fair-Trade company that works with marginalized handicraft artisans in Kenya by linking them to global markets. The company works with creative women and men, with the capacity to produce high-quality products at competitive market prices. These artisans need an opportunity to access and compete in global markets.


To Create and develop Contemporary Ethnic jewellery products that satisfy the consumer’s desire for Value, Quality and Fashion, whilst taking care of our environment and creating opportunities for marginalized communities.

Environmental conservation is a key pillar of Bawa Hope’s core values. Bawa Hope seeks to use enterprise as a tool not only for empowering marginalized artisans but safeguarding the environment.

The women and Men, living in these informal settlements, see value in many of the things that we put in the trash. The jewellery is produced/recycled using what is considered as waste brass metal, cow horn and bone amongst other materials to create an attractive and functional fashion accessory. By buying these products, you help create demand that fuels further collection, processing and utilization of waste material thus safeguarding the environment.

Anne Nzilani (pronounced as nzee –lan –eee!) grew up in a world of crafts – coming from a Kenyan community that gave the world the famous kiondo basket. She has a Big Heart for Social Justice and believes in making a difference in the lives of marginalized producers that have a talent in crafts but lack a market for their products. No wonder she has the knack for energizing producers and getting them to achieve their best, backed by an innate ability to spot winning products with great market potential.

Her entire work experience has been in product development, production and marketing of a range of products that include utility items, Recycled fashion bags and jewellery.

– Interpreting new designs and product development
– Working with producers to develop new products
– Identifying designs with market potential
– Promoting products to customers

Anne Nzilani has great networks and working relationships with producers from Kenya’s dominant craft clusters of Eastern province (famous for kiondos and wood carvings), Nairobi (a key source of great natural jewellery) and Tabaka (home to the worlds most famous soapstone)
Anne Nzilani is experienced in the export process having worked with buyers from the Netherlands, Austria, Finland, Australia, Spain, Germany, Italy and the UK. She has worked on design projects with key international designers and design universities including design Academy Eindhoven in the Netherlands and Cardenal Herrera CEU in Spain . She has also visited and gone on marketing visits in the Netherlands, France, Belgium, Italy Germany, Sweden and USA

She is the Founder of Bawa Hope that works to link talented Women and Men in the low-income areas of Nairobi, and rural Kenya to market opportunities in Europe and the USA. She also believes that it’s possible to transform the lives of marginalized producers from a life of abject poverty to one of social fulfilment and economic empowerment through Trade.